Endocare Clinics was founded in 2007 as a medical research and service provider company. Initially emphasis was placed on medical research and specialized medical procedures, but we have undergone a metamorphosis into an group with an integrative approach to health, addressing the importance of best lifestyle, use of essential supplements, and treating disease, simple or complex, with natural products primarily. We take a centrist approach, accepting that allopathic medicine plays a huge role in disease management as long as benefit exceeds risk and safety.


We believe in medical activism


We believe that the current and developing dogmas healthcare must be challenged.


We believe that an integrative, holistic approach to a longer health span is essential


We believe that the individual’s health comes first, and we endorse the notion to do no harm.


We undertake to research data and to only endorse products and methods which would improve health in individuals after applying these principles in practice. We reject guidelines based on self- funded pharmaceutical research. We promise only to endorse products proven to be of benefit to the individual’s health