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I am Dr Stephen Schmidt, a physician and gastroenterologist. I have been in medical practice since 2000 and have conducted research in drug development for 25 years. I have a sound knowledge of physiology, biochemistry and how it relates to health and disease. I recently relocated from Paarl and now live in Mossel Bay.


My expertise lies in complex medical problem solving. I specialise in diseases of the gut, liver, heart, and pancreas. I have special interest in fatty liver disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and related conditions (metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance).


I am an educator. I taught students from 3rd to final year level at Stellenbosch University Medical School and ran an ongoing medical education academic club for 12 years. Medicine is a discipline in flux, and major changes are taking place in the approach to health. I believe in disease prevention and disease reversal. The goal is to equip you to determine your own health span and lifespan. We offer the following to adults 18 years and older.

I offer comprehensive medical consultation by appointment. I do not have a conventional practice. Your appointment is made to suit your needs and time. Your appointment will last for as long as is needed (on average 2 hours). Such an appointment can even be arranged in the comfort of your home, by arrangement.

A health assessment is a comprehensive assessment of your health status. This would consist of a consultation, a thorough assessment of your medical history and recommendations with regards to future strategies for disease prevention.


Health assessments usually requires special investigations like X-rays, scans, blood, and stool testing. To be in control of your health, you must know where you stand.

Capsule endoscopy is a video study of the small bowel. If diseases of the small bowel are suspected and no diagnosis could be made by conventional methods, capsule endoscopy might assist.


Capsule endoscopy is done without any admission to hospital or sedation. After following a fluid diet for a day, you spend 20 minutes at my practice during which time you will swallow a small camera that looks like a capsule. At the end of the day, you return the data recorder which captured the images from the camera and the study is complete. The data is downloaded, and I assess the video. Indications for capsule endoscopy:


  • Iron deficiency anaemia: cause unknown
  • Bleeding in the gut: cause unknown
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of Crohn’s disease
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of coeliac disease
  • Suspected small bowel cancer
I am a teacher. I know my subject and I can explain medicine and disease to people at any level of knowledge. Should you need me to address your company, group, interest group or any conference of health minded people on any subject related to health, please contact us to arrange. Fees will be quoted based on the time needed for preparation, the length of the talk and your geographic location.

Should you want to engage me to run an interactive online webinar, please call to arrange. I have a team of experts who would join me on such a webinar to answer your questions and help you understand health and disease prevention. This option is ideal for people like sportsmen and women, disease support groups, health interest groups etc. Whatever you want to know, we will address it.


Examples of groups previously engaged:


Support groups for inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, insulin resistance, and fatty liver disease.

I am not contracted to medical aid schemes. My fees are payable prior to, or on the day of the chosen interaction. To engage, please supply us your name, age, gender, email, contact number and specify which service you would be interested in.