Basic Mechanisms of Disease

Level 1 scientific evidence is essential to make solid scientific conclusions. From the Pfiser phase 3 studies, it is clear that there were 3 x the number of adverse events of all types up to 6 months after injection compared to the control group. This is an alarming safety signal.

Whenever we are challenged with a new illness or health threat, we should always revert to the basics of the human physiology: the human cell, or ground zero for understanding disease
Our cells are constantly under “attack” by factors surrounding us as depicted in the black square. Healthy cells are affected by these factors to become diseased cells and potentially dead cells. This is an ongoing process in the body. Old cells are constantly programmed to die and removed. Natural cell protective mechanisms are in place. Nrf2 is an essential factor that can either prevent the cell becoming diseased, be reinstated to normality, or be removed when non- viable. Nrf2 protects our cells and can be enhanced by certain actions
There are basically 3 major disease-causing pathways or processes: 1. Inflammation, 2. Toxification, 3. Oxidation

The 3 basic mechanisms are 1. INFLAMMATION, 2. OXIDATION, and 3. TOXIFICATION. Inflammation is caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and allergens.
Oxidation Is caused by what you eat, your lifestyle (Lack of sleep, sedentary), radiation and smoking.


Toxification is caused by medication and drugs, heavy metals and pesticides The mechanisms of injury by the mRNA injections are complex and largely unknown. From research and information available now, mRNA vaccines are involved in , at least, these 3 mechanisms of disease

Triggers like viruses, allergens, bacteria and parasites stimulate NfKb which causes genes in the nucleus to make cytokines, which in turn causes inflammation. Inflammation , in turn, damages the cell membrane, the mitochondria and other cell processes.
Mechanism 1: Toxins affect cell processes, depletes nutrients and minerals and has the potential to alter DNA
Diet, lifestyle, radiation and smoking causes oxidation through the mitochondria. Oxygen and Nitrogen free radicals are formed, collectively called ROS or radical oxygen species. These radicals causes oxidation (like metal rusting) of the cell. Oxidation causes a stressed cell which can lead to disease or even cancer
Nrf2 is a translational protein in the cell. It regulates 100’s of genes which effects the disease processes in the cell. It stops or attenuates inflammation, oxidation and toxification and enhances mitochondrial health and formation and autophagy.
NRF2 can be enhanced or raised in the cell by health promoting factors like healthy diets (Especially carb restricted diets and the Okinawa and Mediterranean diets) Fasting, phenolic antioxidants, exercise and hormesis (a form of mild oxidative stress like ice baths, sauna and High Intensity, Intermittent Training)
Examples of where different products, nutrients and actions are categorized based on the disease processes described. The list is not complete!
A nice practical approach to treat or prevent most chronic diseases are to AVOID, ENHANCE and REMOVE!
When applied specifically to the mRNA vaccines, the same advice would apply. Until further well- designed safety studies are done, and proven to be safe, mRNA vaccines should be avoided
To prevent or treat any health threat, one should apply a good diet, fasting, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-toxins, most of which can be found in certain diets.