The secret to recharging your body and delay ageing with Eterna-GG!

Eterna-GG is the primary source of energy for several of our body’s most vital functions. It contains 150 mg GeranylGeraniol® which is recognised as the building blocks for making essential bodily products. Eterna-GG is an extract of the Annatto plan which is found in Africa and the Amazon


Eterna-GG will re-fuel your body, replace depleted substances and delay aging to help achieve a longer life-and health span

With research backing up it’s ability to replace those essential substances that we lose as we age and because of effects of medication, ETERNA-GG can help to increase energy by building CoQ10, strengthening your bone structure, repair and avoid muscle loss and increase your testosterone levels!

Who should use Eterna-GG

Because our bodies start to age in our twenties, every person will benefit from Eterna GG. People older than 45, postmenopausal women, men in their midlife and people who use statins for high cholesterol will benefit the most. Any person who exercises will benefit as GG sustains and fixes your mitochondria, which is the energy source of your body. GG also promotes muscle proteins, which will help with muscle growth and recovery

How would Eterna-GG benefit you

GG is an essential substance in one of your body’s most important chemical processes, the Mevalonate Pathway. This process happens in every cell in your body. GG is the building block for Vitamin K2, CoQ10, Testosterone and progesterone. As we age and because of use of medication, GG gets depleted. This results in muscle loss, decreased hormones like testosterone and abnormal deposition of calcium leading to Osteoporosis, gallstones, and kidney stones.

Eterna-GG ingredients


Purified water

Geranylgeraniol or GG

Why use our

Eterna™ benefits anyone and everyone.


Muscle building and recovery
Strong bone structure
Fix low testosterone
Metabolic health